Windows 10

Found on Microsoft Blog, the Verge, and many other news sites,

Insiders will get stable build on July 29 for free, whether they had Windows 7/8.1 or not.

From Digital Trends:

thanks to a loophole acknowledged by Ars Technica, who pointed out that anyone running the Insider Preview of Windows 10, presently build 10130, will be entitled to a free upgrade to the release-day build of the operating system beginning July 29. And of course, subsequently, regular stable updates will be available to every Windows 10 user, including those opting to upgrade from Windows 10 Insider Preview.

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The Verge:

If you install the latest Windows 10 preview (build 10130) on a machine and use a Microsoft Account that’s registered for the Windows Insider program then you’ll get the final version of Windows 10 free. Windows 10 will stay genuine, so you can clean install the preview right now and simply upgrade to the final bits for no charge.

Thanks for sharing. Interesting read.

Interesting. Didnt heart of this until now.

Microsoft has since done a 180 on this.
confusing everyone.

It seems insiders get Windows 10 but continue in fast/slow update lanes meaning they’ll continue to test for Microsoft.

If you install update KB3035583, you can reserve a free update to Windows 10. It will put an all white Windows icon in your system tray.

The only way a pirate could keep a legal copy of Windows 10 at the moment.

Oooor, perhaps the pirate in question has an old license of Windows 7 on a very old laptop in the attic or something and has just pirated windows 8, then they could install windows 7 and update to Windows 10. ;D

I have a windows 8 home license myself, although I may buy windows 10 pro just to get slightly more control of the updates, I don’t like the idea of Microsoft being able to shove their updates down my throat with me having no say in it.

Even in this insider preview I’ve found an update that wouldn’t install and at that point windows would try and try and try and try and try and never fucking give up, they’ve literally made the updating process ■■■■■■■■ and given us no way to help it.

Microsoft has been beating around the bush with everything lately. Even with defining “expected lifetime of the device”, which they are saying is to be 2-4 years now, well short what the current service is for Win 7 or 8.1 (note both these will expire after the 2-4 years claimed for Win 10)

Imagine if windows would be free but each update would cost $1 and of course all updates are mandatory… shivers I hope that won’t happen but at the same time I wouldn’t be surprised.

I would expect “Service” to mean subscription-based. ie pay for x number of months or a year

I’ve experienced this one as well. I’ve fixed it by upgrading to build 10162 & reset.
Hope it helps, Sanya.

I was in the Win 10 insider program, I Installed Win 10 on a
second hard drive…NO way I was going to wipe out my Win 7 Pro 64bit.
I unplugged my Win 7 Hard Drive Before doing the install.

On July 29/15 I downloaded the Win 10 Pro 64bit RTM & made a
Win 10 Usb bootable Drive. I then did a clean Install using my Microsoft Account
to Login. Windows is Activated. I then deleted my Microsoft Account & used a Local Account.

I now have a fully activated Win 10,NO insider builds (its Greyed out).

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