Windows 10 via Windows Update

Hi there,

I checked for updates for my Windows 7 32 bit Machine, and after a good 5 mins of waiting I got what you see in the Capture.

So I wonder is it worth updating or wait till July till they Release Windows 10 fully

It would be good to get an option.



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Is your windows 7 installation special in anyway? I can’t imagine they would release a technical preview as a recommended update. I would recommend waiting until full release, just in case.

I have no special version of Windows 7 at all.

It is just a standard 32bit Home Premium.

I also removed it, the Update of win 10 and did a fresh scan and it re shows again. So it is strange.

However I hidden the update for now, until I get the main full version July.

Thanks 4 the feedback.

It’s at least a bit odd. It may be related to update KB 3004375 which installs an update that seems to prepare for a possible upgrade from Win7 and Win8 to Win 10.

May be Microsoft is accidentally pushing something while testing.

Yeah, it is possible,I notice you can get it, if you join up with the Windows Insider, on which I have not done.

However I tried a test, I let it install half way, and it did say Windows 10 is installing your PC will Restart several times just sit back and relax.

I got to 20% of Install on top of the screen and in small print at the bottom it said 68% , then turned my PC off, waiting a min, then restarted, then at the bottom right it said Elevation or something like that, as in times it got left.

Then a new screen showed saying Your Previous Install of Windows is installing back, then after about 8 mins my PC restarted and Windows 7 came back

So I went to Control panel of Windows and Programs and Feach, and shown all updates then removed the update file for win 10.

It was then gone and my PC looked normal as win 7 so I tried Windows update again, and low and be hold Windows 10 showed again and it said Important update, so ignored then I went to the list on where it said Recommended just like my screen shot in first post.

So I right click it and Hidden it again.

So I will wait till the full version of win 10 :slight_smile:

I got my win 7 back about 50 mins ago. in case anyone is Interested

I got it again but the next version.

I did not do a scan on windows update, I just notice a orange with ! inside the orange icon under Shut down under start of Win 7

So I just looked at what needs updating and there you are.

This is how it looks the version via screen shot. Also under More Info it has the official windows page > The Windows Insider Program < in case anyone thinks it’s a cracked version.


P.S. I have no idea why it has updates installed: Never <

I see lots under Programs and Features > View Install Updates.

I think I will hide it, if I’m Recommended too.

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Hi Nige_39,
Have you previously signed up with the Windows Insider Program, indicating that you might be interested in previews?


No, Have not signed up for it, like a said in a earlier post and EricJH thinks is related to KB 3004375 as well, he is puzzled, but thinks Microsoft trying tests.


I had a look around Windows update and I see that in the Capture. It also looks new.

So maybe it’s linked to that.

So I will uncheck it and see how it goes.

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Hi again Nige_39,
It might be linked to the option shown in your image, not sure though.
Just in case you were wondering why I asked my previous question, it was due to a comment in the external link below.
Is Microsoft Offering the Windows Technical Preview to Windows 7 Users Via Windows Update?-winsupersite

Kind regards.

Thanks captainsticks I will look into that. On this latest one. I can’t get shut of it. but let me see if I find a way.

Thanks 4 your help


I found a fix and it works like a treat

Go to Services, look for Windows Update then move it from Automatic(delayed) to Manual. then Restart PC < To stop windows 10 from showing up to install.

You can check it for updates still but manually.

I seen a forum on Microsoft and it’s not only me, at least 100 people asked the same question and a Windows help adviser posted the info.

And it works fine. No Windows 10 :slight_smile: