Windows 10 privacy tool

This should solve the famous telemetry/privacy issues in Windows 10



the best privacy Tool for W10 comes from O&O Software, It’s called ShutUp 10.

Just my opinion…



I’ve also heard of it.

Both are good in my opinion.

Now people won’t have to complain about Win10 privacy as they
can have increased control with this app.

For the record, Win 8/8.1 had same settings in privacy, but not many people
bat an eye then as they are doing with Windows 10 now :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know, that’s why I find that so funny.
Basically not much has changed with Windows 10 (except that Cortana is now here and going through the files) but Windows 10 is bad…
That is the power of the Media…



yeah… :wink:

and besides, if you want cool features, you just can’t have total privacy.

If you have online accounts and use the internet, you don’t have privacy. period.
You are using the online services. Some of them need to know about you so that
they can serve you the right features…

Privacy is important, but people who are not informed just like to point fingers
instead of actually do some personal research on how to mitigate what they are trying to achieve…

and my personal joke:


Day 65864. Stop. Windows 10 still doesn’t give two sticks on what I do. Stop.
I haven’t received any government or MS threats. Stop." ;D ;D ;D

For those who want total privacy, here is my tutorial:

  1. see that knife? grab it.
  2. slice the Ethernet cable dead
  3. Done :slight_smile:

Smartphones “invade” our privacy 856548649 times a day: location, data collecting, telemetry, tethering, etc."
Want privacy? remove the network card from your phone. Good luck finding it via GPS if it ever gets stolen :smiley:

And you know what bugs me the most?

Many of these privacy claims are made by people who don’t understand technology.
I don’t blame them on this aspect, not everyone is supposed to know everything about computers.

But it’s like a mass hysteria… Why shall we look into solutions online or browse settings and
understand what they do and how to deactivate them? No… we have to whine and complain first…

This resembles my situation when I go and fix people’s computers, they later change settings they don’t understand,
run untrusted programs and override the security prompts of their security software… and then they put the blame
on me that their computer has broken down. This is very annoying…

Same here: why do some research and actually search for solutions (which are available) when it is
so much easier resorting to pointing fingers?

I am not blaming lack of knowledge, but rather the sheer ignorance of the people.

Windows is very customizable - you can change pretty much everything - even Win 10 privacy settings.
If you don’t know how to do it, then:

  1. ask someone who knows;
  2. don’t use it

Case closed :slight_smile:


yeah I know exactly what you are talking about.
People hear something on TV or read something on the Internet, they have absolutely no Idea what they just read but hey TV said it so Windows 10 is bad.
They run some software I never heard off which they got from a “friend” which “knows” computers and mostly it’s exact that software that is causing problems.
The same is with the MS EULA, no one reads that thing, most of the things are in there since Windows 7, but MS is now bad.
Once I showed a customer the “general terms and conditions” of his local phone provider (he didn’t red them either) and they are far worse then the MS EULA but no one reads those things and they are then surprised when something comes out. Why? You signed that thing. Why didn’t you read it.
My favorites are the people which buy a new PC and then they don’t want me to integrate it in the existing network and transfer the data from the old PC because the have a friend which knows computers (just because he can install FireFox) and he is going to do it. Two days later I have to do it because the Computer is “garbage” and the friend couldn’t do it. So I have to undo everything the friend did so I have a working PC and then do the actual work, which of course costs more depending on how “good” the friend was and how much time I spent on undoing his work. But I am the bad guy, my computers are garbage. So sick of that.
Same as the data leaks. For example the ICloud data leak a year ago which git us a few “nice” photos (I believe it was not a leak or a hack it was a publicity stunt). So let’s think this trough, you came to the conclusion that watching yourself naked in the mirror is not enough so you want to take a photo of you naked. OK, you can do that. Then you decided not to use a Camera(where you could use a cable to transfer the data to the pc), no you want to to use your Iphone, OK, not smart but you can do that, and then you decide to upload the naked photos of yourself to the Cloud. Really? Sorry, it’s your own fault, you put them there, you wanted it to happen. Seems to me you have to turn your brain off to be a celebrity ;D …
Why did it happen? The people don’t even know what a Cloud is, a friend told them so they are using it whiteout knowing what it is or why they need it, and this goes on and on.

No one thinks for himself anymore…

Phui, that felt good to get it of my chest ;D …



Haha, you are right here.

And another thing (which I find very nasty) is that people just
expect you to fix a problem (it doesn’t matter whether it is feasible or not,
whether you have time/tools for that). They just rudely expect you to do it…

It’s like you go to the doctor and you say “Hey buddy, look, I have some pain,
muscles, headache, nausea, bleeding eyeball and three thumb fingers, what could it be?
ooohhh… you want some pay too? Sorry bro, but you are my best friend I will make it up to
you I promise, I trust that you know how to fix this bye”.

Personally I have started to penalize this behaviour. It is not worth it.

On another happier note, being able to talk and be understood in a community which
shares some mutual knowledge is very refreshing. Props to COMODO staff and members for that :slight_smile:

In the end, it’s everyone’s choice to use Windows 10/8/7/Linux / Mac etc.

I just wish the hysterical “period-like article writers” would stop :slight_smile:
They seems to have discovered fire with the new “privacy subject”, but
it was there long before Windows 10. And it’s OK. We still have a choice.

Stay informed, people! >:-D >:-D