Windows 10 Build 14393 doesn’t allow comodo drive to be install

I clean installed Windows 10 Build 14393 and then installed comodo internet security free but the firewall doesn’t work because windows 10 block the firewall/Sandbox drive from installation (something about driver digital signature).

see here:;msg839346#msg839346

I tried comodo 10 beta also and the same problem windows 10 build 14393 doesn’t allow comodo drives to be installed

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You can try this alternative solution in addition to what has already been suggested in the locked topic. Be warned though, while the proposed solution in the other topic is only temporary, that is you have to push F8 and run with unsigned drivers, this one Installing an Unsigned Driver during Development and Test - Windows drivers | Microsoft Learn is permanent but should work just fine.

In both cases keep the warning in mind that you might open up your doors to unwanted apps/programs that can seriously harm your system, whichever solution you are willing to give a try.

It is already fixed?

I do not want to stay with Windows firewall.

I updated to the latest WIN10 build on a laptop already running the latest version of CIS. Unfortunately, the firewall does not see any connections and cannot block any inbound or outbound traffic. Is there any alternative to looking for another firewall?

glad your working on a fix, but considering comodo fixes take forever 88) could you tell us how to re-enable the windows defender after comodo uninstallation fails to reset it, thanks.

it threw up an exception error on uninstall and now windows reports another app (comodo) is in charge of the malware protection…even though it has been uninstalled. or should we re-install windows?

again some warning should be available when downloading the app alerting users to these issues.
perhaps an up to date OS selection.

Facing same issue :(. As there is no update from Comodo since last one month forced to switch to zonealarm >:(

the ONLY solution I found was to install windows 10 ver 1511, then comodo fw, and AFTER that, all windows updates (including the upgrade to ver 1607) are working just fine

I disable secure boot in BIOS,it was easiest way for me. It works without system reinstall or so.

goodbye comodo, russian canned food. )))

Its fixed in latest build.;msg842636#msg842636
The problem with the drivers has been resolved with build You can download it from Comodo Internet Security build is released!.

Thanks Comodo for fixing it. I was sick of Zonealarm.