%windir%\servicing\ [RESOLVED]

Doing a little investigating and maybe a little learning, dangerous, found one entry, am sure there are more, that references a ‘Folder’ that is non-existent. Defense+/Common Tasks/My Protected Files/Important Files/folders there is one that is “%windir%\servicing*” (WO the quotes) and not sure what it really should be to help in protecting my system. Any suggestions?

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I believe this relates to windows services files which CPF is protecting. I’ll need to look into it further but I’m off to bed…

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This is a Vista Windows Directory containing msi installers etc and cpf is protecting these for you.

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Your first answer was sufficient and this second one was even better. As my sig shows my system is XP SP2 so did not understand the ‘servicing’ folder. From that info maybe I can change that to one on my system, would not do any harm for me. That way if there are any that need to be added for my protection it would be best to replace those that are not relevant to my system.

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Not a problem… Anytime and always glad to help…

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I did not feel this to be an issue, more of just my curiosity about some unknowns found in that area. Also in the process of searching out what that folder name is I found where “My File Groups” is located. The bottom RadioButton to the right titled “Groups” and as a suggestion change that unHELPful popup window when an attempt to edit any line there to read, “You need to use the “Groups” radio button at the bottom of the five to the right.” You may want to reword that to your satisfaction.

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One last suggestion on this ‘servicing’ folder that is for the Vista system’s ‘.msi’ installers. Why not do a protection for the XP’s '.msi’ installers that would be in “%windir%\installers*” (W/O the quotation marks, of course)?

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Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll mention it to guys.

It the meantime, you can manually add that folder in there…

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