Winamp Tries To Hitch A Ride opening IE7 window and blocking this disables IE7

:-[ Today I was surfing with Home XP2 and IE7 and had Winamp open at the same time. In spite of the fact that I supposedly had all ‘feedback’ and ‘update’ functions in Winamp disabled, Winamp apparently decided to hitch a ride to send info to Nullsoft as I simply opened a new window in IE7 and requested as my page. This I believe as Comodo announced that Winamp was attempting to send out information. Having no reason to share with Nullsoft-AOL any details of my computer life I of course denied access by Winamp to do so and promptly found IE7 completely blocked from function. The end result would appear to be, allow Winamp to spy on you and send whatever information to the net, even if it is configured not to do so is to find that your Internet Explorer browser will be disabled by Comodo Firewall not to let it have it’s way to do so. As you can imagine, I found myself feeling rather frustrated.
I started trying to search inside of Comodo to see where IE7 had been blocked. It did not appear to be blocked in anyway by Comodo. But obviously it was, as any page I attempted to open after I allowed Comodo to Block Winamp’s access to the net, remained blocked.
What am I doing wrong… or where do I go to fix this?

You’re not doing anything wrong… :wink:
It’s a known issue with the firewall that it believes that a program you have open or even closed a while ago is trying to use IE or FF or whatever you use, to get out on internet.
Another problem is that it blocks the connection for both programs, instead of just the one you deny.
Try to not have “remember” checked, and allow the program if you trust it. If you block it without “remember”, you can sometimes get back you connection if you close the browser and/or the firewall.
Some users have to reboot the PC… :’(
If you block it with remember, there should be a rule for it. Check IE 7 in application monitor, and read every entry you have there, and see if you can delete the right one. If you don’t find it, you might have to delete all IE 7 entries. We are all hoping for a solution for this.
Comodo is working on it.

I have since determined that this happens as well in Internet Explorer 6, although that information is probably not new to you.
I sort of appreciate the fact that Comodo has revealed these operations to me, as anything that can be shut-off, in terms of sharing my personal information, etc, with Winamp, has clearly been turned off. Yet the communication carries on. Dishonest, I would say.
This behavior is an action which has accompanied AOL’s affiliation with Winamp, and there is no doubt about it, it is the behavior of Spyware. If one attempts to mention it in a forum on Winamp one finds themselves barred from the forum or unable to access their forum account. Hmmm.
So I see this less as a problem with Comodo, but more as an affirmation of Comodo doing EXACTLY what I would like it to do… By revealing hidden attempts of undesired software communicating information over my internet connection I have more security on my system and the control which I was ultimately looking for. I forward my complements.
For my part, I have uninstalled Winamp permanently, finding it necessary to go back and delete the directory as well since appparently Winamp leaves that there (what kind of uninstall is that?) and Comodo AGAIN shows Winamp’s attempts to spy on me after I reboot… Apparently a file has been left in the temp bin by AOL in case I had the prudence to delete the rest of their files. It attempts, one more time, to send information about me to them, after I have removed the program. Freeware? Bah!
I now use Foobar… At least Comodo has not detected any information sharing from that software as of this moment.
Thanks Again.
H K Kitty