I installed ctm on an MSI laptop with windows 7 ultimate.

After a successful installation the pc will not boot. What I see is “windows is starting” (or a similar message) and that’s it.

I rebuilt the mbr with partion wizard but now ctm is corrupted.

Can you uninstall CTM through the Control Panel?
How is your drive? I mean, which partitions do you have and which one did you protect with CTM?

I did uninstall ctm but only after I rebuilt the mbr.

I have partition c and d (c about 100GB) and also unallocated space in which I intend to install ubuntu.

I tried to protect partition c.

Sorry. Can’t help further. Beyond my knowledge.
If you install Ubuntu, you won’t be able to use CTM (even in Windows partition) anymore.

Hi thedido,
Do u have any security or disk softwares installed? And could you see CTM logo during startup?


Maybe the same problem i have just read this. If it is