Win7 sidebar.exe connects to Adobe activation server - why



I just wanted to understand why taskeng.exe connects to svshost.exe and started TCPVIEW and PROCMON from Systernals.

Then after setting up some filters to hide stuff I am not interested in I noticed that Windows 7 32bit
sidebar.exe wants to connect to Adobe’s servers. Well, no problem with me but I do not know why.

Have a look please:

All I have running are these three that are obviously not related to Adobe.

May it be that there is this connection because the widgets may use Flash?

Any comments? Thank you.

I had a similar problem when activating adobe for a client, It was horrible installing and expensive as hell(at least not for me :slight_smile: ). It took awhile to install. The business has sensitive work for it. And it keeped asking for permission to go online(I’ve locked down all the software in the past, but this is a pain). Seeing how I didn’t want to come back 2 or 3 times, I’ve looked online for a solution, at least I’m not the only with the problem. I found the using the host files to prevent it from going online seemed to work

You need to search online for adobe host files. That’s the simplest way to lock down adobe. That’s all I’m going to write


thanks for the clue but I wrote that I had nor idea why that happened on my pc. There is no Adobe product installed other than flash I suppose and hope.

So, I do not know from where this outgoing task comes from :confused:

There are quite a few desktop gadgets that use flash, I’d guess one of those you’re using does too.

You add this to your host file in windows to see if this helps,
Side Note: (if you have dial-up internet connection, then this would be an added bouses to add too becasue dial-up users need all the bandwith they can get and anything that prevents bandwith wasted is a good thing :slight_smile: also a privacy issue.


I know about the host file dns tricks since just a quarter century but the issue for me is I do not know why the hell sidebar.exe (MS product) tries to connect to the adobe registration service.
Flash by all means as a catalyst for web experience is a free product and should not connect to this sort of site or am I wrong?


As far as I know sidebar is just a host for whatever widgets you choose to run. I imagine, when said widget needs to do whatever it does, it will use the host process for communication. Hence. if a widget running in the context of sidebar needs to access the net, for whatever reason…

I know about the host file dns tricks
Goods to hear, but the host file I posted is the most up-to-date and the largest list I know of. If there's any more to add and not on the adobe host file list posted, post it here and share :)
but the issue for me is I do not know why the hell sidebar.exe (MS product) tries to connect to the adobe registration service.
That's a good question, If nobody else knows the answer. The best place to get that answer is to ask adobe.