Win7 Error: 0xc000000f after CSU ran and I shutdown pc

I’m not really sure what happened. I use CIS latest version w/ database up-to-date, I copied over some AV uninstallers to my flashdrive and then removed it. I scanned the laptop Win7 32 bit, with CSU like I usually do, but I rarely ■■■■■ with the registry cleaner. I let CSU clean junk files in depth and privacy files, I then let it do registry (and it made a back). I shutdown the pc and went to the store and when I rebooted the pc I got Error: 0xc000000f Note: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.

I used a Win7 disk I downloaded to get it to go to Startup Repair, it attempted but couldn’t fix anything. I looked that the log and at the bottom said MISSING OS Loader.

So I tried using bootsect.exe in cmd to repair the MBR and it said it was successful but after a reboot still same issue. I then went back into cmd and tried bootrec for MBR and still not booting, I even did a chkdsk and said that no errors found. I used Hiren to go into MiniXP and it shows all the stuff on hard drive but im not sure y it still isnt letting Win7 boot. When I looked at the partitions with mbrwiz it shows ID 1 100mb system reserved n its active and it shows ID 2 with my harddrive and the diskspace it has normally working. But the ID 2 isnt set to active and cant boot.

I’m taking a copy of microsoft support kb/927392 doc to try a complete rebuild or any1 have other ideas? Like maybe installing Win7 again and then switching the boot order or sumthing.

Is there maybe a way to activate CSU in MiniXP so I can try to restore that registry backup and see if it fixes the issue?

I haven’t tried doing the bootrec complete rebuild yet. But when I go to Win7 recovery it shows the HD with all the space and I clicked load drivers and it has all the folders and files of everything intact. There is gotta be some way to get Win7 to boot again without having to do a clean install. Maybe like a small clean install just to get Win7 to login and then try screwing with the boot order or something.

All the FixMbr and FixBoot doesnt do much except say that it was successful but it doesn’t help it boot at all still gets locked at the inaccessible thing. Maybe CSU is stopping the boot, cause when certain items cant be deleted it does it on next restart before Windows boots.

_< so I went through the steps to do a Bootrec Complete Rebuild and it then gave me Error: 0xc000000e says file Windows\System32\Winload.exe is missing or corrupt. I went into MiniXP and looked through the folder and Winload.exe is there so it must be corrupted. I tried browsing the Win7 cd I have but couldn’t find the Winload.exe file so it’s prob in the setup extraction =/.

I really dont understand why this happens, seemed to do it more so on XP and Vista and now I’ve seen it a few times on Win7. So clean install is the only option? That would sux cause then I have to download about 30gigs worth of Digital Games and all those updates again and Win updates.

Just use Iobit Advanced system repair.
Used it for years,
never had a problem on XP or Win7.
Always makes backup before changes.
I tried CSU and it locked my machine on the first boot after installing.
I managed to go into safe mode and uninstall it.
I will never go near another Comodo product.
Used to use Comodo firewall but it requires too much user input.
Now use Zonealarm free with antivirus.
it is great.