Win7 Cannot access the specific device, path or file

Running Win7-64bit I get the above error message when trying to run a genealogy program “RootsMagic”. I’m fairly certain that the issue is with Defense+. When I disable Defense+, the genealogy program runs fine. I have added it’s .exe file to trusted files, safe files, etc., but none of that helps.
I would sure like some help with this!

Did you disable the sandbox as well?

Did you disable D+ from under Defense + Settings (requires a reboot)?

yes, sandbox is disabled.
and yes, i disabled d+ using settings window.
another thing i noticed… if i set comodo’s configuration to “internet settings”, the genealogy software will run with d+ active.
if comodo configuration is “proactive”, the genealogy program will not run unless d+ is turned off.
thanks for helping!

When in Proactive do the D+ logs give us any clues? Can you post a screenshot of them? They are under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Events.