win32k.sys BSOD

I was defragmenting (compact) snapshots and got a BSOD.
0x0000008E, 0xC0000005, 0x949A9773, 0x8F82FA8C, 0x00000000
Of course, I do not have the dump for analysis.

Is there a way to troubleshoot?
I’ll let the computer on overnight to see :-\

Hi Tech.
Thanks for your report. In fact, we already got two report about BSOD on win32k.sys. We will check this problem.


The computer survived overnight turned on ;D

I did not see the win32k.sys BSOD again.
Maybe it’s related to other beta I was testing. Who knows.

Maybe. In fact, if we google it, we will find that there are many reasons that may cause win32k.sys BSOD.

Indeed, seems that my 5-6 beta testing at the same time could be related to this…