Win32 virus infecting my computer! help!

Hi guys,
recently my laptop (acer) has been infeceting with new win32 and new poly win32 viruses. i have tried many viruses scan but to no avail. Is there any standard procedure to follow to get rid of these viruses? Do i have to reformat my computer? HELP GUYS. greatly appreciated!

attached, is a picture in mircosoft word of a virus scan i did, and that was the results. Please do help. It affected most of my exe. software. mostly under accessories, like paint, notepad, etc.


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With malware it is always a good thing to scan with multiple scanners as in What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3 . Please follow the tutorial and let us know how things go. When done show us the Hijack This Log too.

Good luck and keep us posted. :-TU

download this from the link update & run a full scan, if anything helps this should.

sorry here is the link


A-squared is part of the tutorial I referred to.

Thank you for your quick reply. I have downloaded the softwares and done a scan already. How do I save a log? Btw, will a reformat salvage my computer? Tks!!

A reformat will salvage your computer but is a lot of work. It is one of the last things I would do in case of malware infection.

You can let HJT scan and create a log. Copy/paste the log here in the topic. Then save the text file.

Did the mentioned scanners find stuff and could they remove it?

Thank you! My computer is okay alr :smiley:

How did you solve it?