When attempting to download the update to Comodo firewall, I got a warning win32/pepatch. I am using AVG paid version 8.5.420. I went to safe mode and did a sweep as the administrator thinking I would get rid of the virus. It came back cleaned. Today I got a notice to update Comodo again, this time the virus was listed as win32/polycrypt??? This appears after initiating the firewall download. Is this a false negative. Is it safe to download the update? Has anyone else had this issue? I do not frequent risky sites that is not to say that one of my email contacts wasn’t infected though I would think with all my updates being kept current this is a false trigger. What do you have to say?

Yes this is a FP, it is safe to download the Firewall update, just turn AVG off for the time. There have been some people with AVG that get FP’s with Updates