Win10OctoberUpdate - Action Center reports CIS AV not up-to-date

As the title says. After October Update 1809, Action Center says constantly that AV is not up-to-date. Probably an incompatibility with the new version of Windows.

here is the internet too slow and it has never been a priority of companies (internet providers) to improve their services at least by the time.

In another machine the messages windows security center are normal.

Nope don’t see this until 3 days passed since last AV update, check for updates to see if it goes away.

Same problem here!

I posted already here in the german sub-forum.

Here an mostly translation:

I have a freshly installed Windows 10 Pro, version 1809.
Comodo (v11.0.0.6728) is also detected as a virus protection program and Windows Defender is switched off.
*(Once via Settings → Update and Security → Windows Security → Open Windows Security)

  • Click on the sign symbol and scroll down
  • Under Virus & threat protection settings → Manage settings
  • The three switches for real-time protection, cloud-based protection, and automatic transmission of examples to Off.

And once by group policy (because otherwise certain services may be reactivated after a while!):

  • Windows + R → gpedit.msc
  • Computer Configuration → Administrative Templates → Windows Components → Windows Defender Antivirus
  • Right: Disable Windows Defender Antivirus → Enabled
  • Disable regular maintenance)

My virus-signature-update-interval (what a word!) in Comodo is set to hourly.

But especially in the morning, shortly after the first power on, I get the following notification from the Windows Info Center:

Windows Security Viruses & Threat Protection Update virus protection The virus protection is no longer up to date. Type or click here to update "Comodo Antivirus".

When I click on it, I get to Windows Security (main page). There you will find under Antivirus “Comodo Antivirus is activated”. If I click on the expand icon next to it, “Open App” appears, if I click on it, nothing happens. What doesn’t seem to be correctly linked here?

When I click on Virus & Threat Protection in Windows Security, the following appears in

  • Current Threats
  • protection settings
  • protection updates
    one green tick inside each with the note “No action required”.

So what’s wrong with that?

I would like to leave the notifications in the Info-Center switched on, only this special notification is annoying, because Comodo does its job!

Hi OliC.,

Thanks for reporting the issue.

It will be fixed in the upcoming compatible CIS version for Windows 10 RS5.

Kind Regards,

Well, I’m on version and Action Center still says that Comodo is not up-to-date (as well as Comodo itself needs an update). I tried resetting Security Center but it didn’t help.

Issue is fixed in latest v12 RC and will only be fixed in version 12 releases.