Win10 May 2020 Update v2004 and vEthernet: Comodo Firewall detects a new network

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First of all, I apologize both for my English and if I published this post in the wrong section.
The question is quite summarized in the title.
I specify that the current version of Comodo Firewall used by me is and that from long time I have activated the Windows Sandbox, without however also having installed the Hyper-V module.

Today I forced the update to the latest version of Windows 10, the new “May 2020 Update v 2004”.
After the successful update process and after rebooting, I found a new network card, called “vEthernet | Hyper-V Virtual Ethernet Adapter” …

… which does start every time the Comodo Firewall module that detects the presence of a new network (and which at each startup is re-enabled, even if I previously disabled it).

To avoid this Comodo behaviour I should disable automatic detection of new networks.

In a way, it seems to me that a similar case is discussed HERE in this forum.

Is anyone having the same experience?

Thanks in advance for your attention! :wink:

This is not a problem!
This a Virtual Machine Platform module in Windows components.

Control Panel → Programs (Programs and Features)-> ‘Turn Windows features on or off’
checkbox name “Virtual Machine Platform” or “Hyper-V Platform” or any other in Windows localizations.
Be careful. Some programs can be broken if you delete this checkbox.

Thanks first of all for your intervention and for the suggestion! :-TU
As I said into the lines above, I have not activated the Hyper-V module between the components of Windows, but only Windows Sandbox.

This new network card came out after the “May 2020 Update v 2004” and, from that moment, Comodo Firewall (rightly) detects (automatically) a new network to manage.
I just would like to know if any other user is having my same experience.
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The Sandbox is a ‘virtualization-based feature in version 2004’ and uses Hyper-V to function. As such it will be identified as a new virtual Network Adapter. Just the same as running a Virtual Machine

Ok! Thanks again! :slight_smile:
I therefore take note. :-TU

In a sense, then, that’s what we wrote here.
In short: “I therefore contacted Microsoft technical support and it was reported to me that, since April 2020, Windows Sandbox has been working properly only by also relying on Hyper-V.”.
As if to say that the April 2020 updates anticipated the definitive changes (with the “creation” of a new virtual network card) from the last and most recent update “May 2020 Update v 2004”.
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I’m already say that it in not problem. Problem when u reinstall Comodo (full reinstall) in Windows 2004. After Hyper-V adapter cannot be created. I have this problem now. My WSL2 not working. >:(