Win10 firewall might be still on after Comodo Firewall install

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I reported similar issue at the end of this thread

but since then I had other, more serious, issues with BSODs caused by Comodo related to HIPS “enhanced protection mode”. I have reinstalled the system since then again. Installed Win10 Home. Installed (latest) Comodo Firewall only using offline installer (no AV component), Proactive configuration with disabled “enhanced protection mode”. Installed Avira (AV only). Upgraded to Win10 Pro digital license. Win 10 Pro version is 1709 (build 16299.15). Rebooted a few times since then. Ran all updates for Windows and Comodo Firewall (and Avira AV).

I am not seeing any specific issues at the moment. However, as I was looking around the system I noticed the following weirdness…

Settings → Windows Defender → Windows Defender Security Center → it says Windows Defender Firewall is not active because you’re using other providers (i.e. Comodo) - this is expected


(a) Control Panel → Security and Maintenance → Security section → says Windows firewall and Comodo firewall are both turned on. Note that running more than one firewall at a time can cause conflicts.

(b) in Services, I see Windows Defender Firewall Service as Auto and Running

I see that jcmil posted perhaps a somewhat similar observation in this thread recently:

Any ideas as to what’s going on?;msg847729#msg847729

Comodo doesn’t disable Windows firewall. I use to disable Windows firewall with Comodo installed but due to one or the other reasons I use to find Windows firewall enabled later.
Reasons like Windows updates, sometimes I disable Comodo firewall for something & Windows firewall is enabled & later I forget to disable Windows firewall as Comodo enabled doesn’t disable Windows firewall, sometimes after system boot Windows action center mention Comodo disabled, & Windows firewall is enabled, etc.

I don’t like running 2 firewalls.
Now with Comodo installed, I disable Windows firewall in Group Policy on Win 10 64 Pro.

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So, what’s the official recommendation by Comodo? I did not see any screen pop up after Comodo install suggesting to manually turn off Windows Firewall or recommended way of doing so.

What does Comodo officially recommend? Keep running 2 firewalls?

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Probably as official as you’re going to get!

NEVER disable the Windows Firewall Service . . . . . it is required for several essential Windows functions

Turn off the Windows Firewall on your private network(s)

Thanks Ploget. Above you said to turn it off on private networks (highlighting mine).

When I go to Control Panel → Windows Defender Firewall → Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off,
there are 2 options: one to turn it on/off for private network and a separate section for public network.

So to clarify, are you saying I should ONLY turn it off for private network but leave it enabled for public network?

You should turn it off for each network type that way only CFW handles connection filtering regardless on which type of network you are connected to.