Win10 22H2 - New Install, Diagnostic Fail. (SOLVED OK - INFORMATIVE ONLY)

Hi guys,

I’ve just installed W10 Pro 22H2 and all W10 updates, and then CIS (,
I did the usual disable of W10 Defender stuff before install, but on calling CIS Diagnostics ( ?/Support/Diagnostics ),
it always fails [Firewall only, AV Only, or both installed, all fail on diags].

My habit over the last couple of years has been to use MSGM_ToolKit (W10 setup ISO modifier) to permanently disable Windows Defender at [EDIT: Windows] setup,
but this time did setup with latest W10 22H2 ISO, and with no mods to it.

Anyways, I’de been considering trying another AV/Firewall setup and even downloaded one, but then decided to do a Google search on
disabling W10 Defender, I found a page that was actually on W11 Defender disablement.

In addition to my attempt at disabling all the Windows settings for defender and windows firewall stuff, I then tried the
disablement of the Defender Tasks mentioned in above link, and hey preseto no more trouble, Diagnostics now passes OK.
Right Click, “ThisPC/Manage/Task-Scheduler/Task Sceduler-Library/MicroSoft/Windows/Windows-Defender/”
And disable
Windows Defender Cache Maintenance
Windows Defender Cleanup
Windows Defender Scheduled Scan
Windows Defender Verification

And no more diags fails.

So, I’m just pointing out a possible problem installing CIS on recent W10,
I did not use GPEdit nor the registry editor (as in the linked page), only the Windows Firewall/Defender/Security-Center settings stuff to disable,
Especially important to disable the anti tampering thingy (which I’de already done) as well as the above Tasks disablement.

I can now keep using CIS and am happy.

PS, I’ll probably find a page on W10 disablement of Defender and use GPEdit fixes too as M$ will likely have
intent to re-enable tasks and such, whenever the whim takes hold.

Hi fartypants,

Thank you for reporting.
Could you please check your inbox for pm and respond ?


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