WIN 7 SP1 svchost.exe and system listening connections

WIN 7 x64 SP1 and Comodo firewall and Defense+ latest ver. Proactive config. Avast 6.0 AV/AS with sandboxing disabled.

Please bear with me since I am new to the WIN 7 world.

I see svchost.exe always listening on TCP port 3587. I see lsitening for System, two connections each for TCP ports 10243 and 2869.

Port 3587 appears to be used for P2P. Don’t have info for the System ports.

Should any of these be blocked? I don’t see any activity on any of the above ports.

I have disabled Terendo and applied Comodo recommended Global block rules for Teredo.

Figured this out. These connections are for WIN media player.

Could you plz share a link to where you found this information? I didnt some searching but couldnt find anything Thanks

here Firewall Port Registry Settings - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn