win 7 and cis

I have been auditing firewall software for around 11 years. I beta tested Signal nine and look and stop. finally settled for a Russian product and have been a beta tester for it for 9 years.

I’m sad to say that my former firewall is still well behind in their efforts to keep up with new things…like Win 7 for example.

I have a lifetime updates with my former firewall but I needed a temporary firewall to cover my computer.

I downloaded your free version expecting the usual limited options.

I was pleased to discover that CIS free is basically a full blown software firewall with all the features of my previous firewall and more.

It took a few days to find all the features…and they are fully functional and easily implemented.

I’m not going to get to technical here…but i have to say, lifetime updates not withstanding, I believe I will continue with CIS.

I still want to try the full version but I have to say the free version takes very good care of my computer.

Thank you for such a wonderful program

Welcome to the forums/community, hope you continue to post and enjoy it as much as I do. I’m glad you like the Comodo Firewall, and hope you enjoy the CIS the same, if not more (don’t forget v4 is not far off) and is a full suite which is free, There is a ‘pro’ version which offers “Live Support & Trust Connect?” which basically is for people who run into problems to have the option of getting a Techy at their computer etc. And for the other, Trust Connect (think it’s called that) encrypts your info/connection on any wireless connection?

Once again, welcome to the Comodo Forum, and feel free to post more often, you may even find it addicitive. (V)