Win 10 Notification of CID but it show failure in the browser

I received a Win 10 notification in the taskbar of a Comodo Ice Dragon update (the one that has the annoying Yahoo accept or decline). I click decline because of times when simply unchecking the box still screws up my browser with unwanted ■■■■.
So I click the “Help\About” tab and the browser takes a very long time thinking. I’m simply wanting to see if the version was actually updated and it eventually shows the About window with the statement that the update failed. I uninstall and cleaned my registry while saving my profile info and then downloaded the latest version of Ice Dragon. After install it works fine, this is a side note(except in Bing, only website that has an issue with returning to previous pages, which it did before). A few days later, tonight, I get the same Win 10 notice in the right lower corner of my taskbar saying that Ice Dragon successfully updated (same as before) with the same ■■■■ choice for Yahoo which I declined. The Help tab in browser again takes forever to load along with the About selection. Finally it still says update failed. One time I did uncheck the Yahoo default Browser box and clicked Accept which didn’t help the problem but added the need to undo Yahoo even though I unchecked the box rather than “decline”.

Hi Corp Punisher, thank you for the feedback.

The offer that you see about the Yahoo search and Comodo Cloud Antivirus ins not part of the update or an update notification it’s just triggered by the update. The easiest way is to click the “Decline” button to reject the offer.

At the moment there a is a display issue that appears on some computers where in the About page notifies that the update failed. It’s only a display issue in those cases. Can you check if the browser version is reported on the About page as after the update?

[i]Thank you very much,

The Comodo Browsers team[/i]

The version does show