Will Verification Engine work with Vista?

Will Verification Engine work with Vista? I looked in the Operating System and Browser Compatibility section, but it said V-Engine only works with Windows 2000 and XP. Is this true, or is the page outdated?
Link to possible outdated page:

Hi jeremysbost,

VE does support Vista. I’ll make sure the page is updated.

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I have a pressing concern - if Verification Engine indeed works with Vista, after installing it on my Vista Ultimate machine, why wouldn’t Control Panel and Windows Explorer even open? They both were functioning just fine before installing Verification Engine and after installing Verification Engine they stopped working immediately after trying to open either of them. The popup saying that they stopped working came up immediately after cliicking on the shortcut to start either of the programs. Then the popup saying that Windows was trying to restart the program came up. Windows was never able to restart either of the programs and the popup closed after a few seconds. I don’t understand how Verification Engine can possibly work with Windows Vista if installing it does something that keeps these two vital Windows programs from even opening. Based on my experience installing Verification Engine on a Vista machine, there is good reason why the installation information states that it is only for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Is it fixed after uninstalling VE?

I couldn’t uninstall VE because I couldn’t access Control Panel \ Programs and Features to uninstall it and it wasn’t listed in the Windows Install Clean Up utility. I had to do a System Restore to a date prior to installing VE. That took care of the problem and Control Panel and Windows Explorer worked normally once again. That is why I question some who say that VE is compatible with Vista. I run the Comodo CIS Beta 2 with both the firewall and antivirus installed, BOClean, Memory Firewall, and CRC without any problems on our 3 Vista machines. But I can’t say the same for VE.

Maybe you can try uninstalling it with ZSoft Software: Software Overview. I like it a lot. :BNC

Hi larlyles,

I’m sorry to hear you are having problems. Could you tell me which version of Internet Explorer and which version of VE you are running?

Hi larlyles,

If you are unable to run the control panel then you could try running the VE setup from a command prompt.

To do this, click Start and then Run. Enter


And click “Ok”

Enter the following but substitute the first “C:” with your system driver letter if it is not the default “C” drive:

“C:\Program Files\Comodo\VEngine\VESetup.exe”

This should run the GUI based VESetup and allow you to uninstall the application.

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After restoring my computer to an earlier date, the VE download that I had stored in a folder was deleted, so I can’t be sure. However, since I had only downloaded it right before installing it last week, I would assume that it has to be the latest version that is on the Comodo sebsite. I am running the Beta of IE8. Therein may lie the problem. I have read that VE is not yet compatible with IE8, although I wouldn’t think that would have any effect on Control Panel and Windows Explorer.

Hi larlyles,

Yes, the problems you have described are identical to those that occur with the unfinished BETA version of Internet Explorer 8 and Verification Engine.

The VE team is currently working on IE8 support in time for its proper release but as you can imagine it’s beyond the laws of physics to make any software future proof (a time machine may help here :SMLR).

You maybe surprised to hear that upgrading your browser to IE8 does in fact effect your control panel and all other Explorer windows on your PC. Explorer and Internet Explorer are so heavily integrated that there isn’t very much difference. Upgrading you IE upgrades Explorer too. Try adding a web site address to the address bar in your Control Panel and it will magically turn into Internet Explorer and take you to the website.

Hope this helps. :SMLR


Wasn’t Microsoft supposed to seperate those two from each other? (antitrust case).

I think this will happen some day …

Just for clarification, stating that a product is Vista compatible does not mean that it will work with Vista 64 bit which is quite a different animal. If you dont think so try and find a firewall for Vista 64 bit. I know that Comodo does work with it but most firewalls do not. :■■■■