Will scanning speed decrease and ram usage reduce with family signatures?.

Hello members. I was wondering. Melih indicated today that perhaps in June we will have the family signatures incorporated within Cavs.

This being the case, will scanning time and ram usage be reduced and if so by what percentage in comparison to this moment or is that question unanswerable at this time?.This will be most welcome if its correct as Cavs is pretty fast now in comparison to most other apps i have tested, save Prevx Edge which scans my full computer of 382,000 files in around 15 minutes, awsome.This will be a target to match if not beat i feel.


I also hope CAV will speed up its on-demand scanning.

Currently the fastest AV scanner for me is Avira (it’s even faster with the multi-core option enabled to take advantage of multi-core processors).

Our focus at the moment is On Access speed as this is the aspect that will affect the user most!

In future we will look into improving on demand speed.

As you can see, we have one of the fastest, if not the fastest on access speed in the world!


Yes, on-access scanning is probably the fastest out there of all I’ve tested. Avira comes very close though and is arguably just as fast.

The amount of signatures says little about the scanning speed. For example the processing time of 5 million “basic” signatures can be faster then the processing time of 2 million more thorough generic/family like signatures. Not to mention badly written signatures…
It also depends on the structure of the database and the scanning API.

Personally I’m looking forward for CAV to integrate family signatures. The rate of detection on new or exotic samples (within the same family, like Virut) shall definitely increase.