Will Not Scan Large Files!

Recently I tried to scan large files (700Mb) and it would not do it. So I adjusted the file size to the maximum permitted (999) and found I still could not scan files that large. So I picked one about 450Mb and it would not complete the scan. When I tried to cancel the scan, it would not stop. I had to end the process which took a long time to finally stop and brought my system to a crawl until it did stop. CPU usage was at 100%.

Others have reported being able to scan some large files but not others. We are talking about scanning AVI’s. Is this a bug or a limitation created on purpose. I do believe there is a problem with the Manual Scanner.

In my view, the file size should have no limitation. The user should be able to scan what ever he wants. This was the case with every AV I used before switching to CSI.

I had no problem scanning 890 MB avis, it took like 0.5 sec
so maybe its a problem here lol, since scanning 850MB should take longer hehe.

Oh max was set to 20 MB, i set it to 999, and still took 0.5 or so ?

Dunno if the scanner detect this as an avi, and just drop it, but what about MP3 ? i heard some was able to do some virus stuff with MP3 ? will it still ignore MP3 aswell ?

Hmm, yea seem like a bug, if i wanna scan a file 800+ MB, it should scan it, not just the header, it seem it dont care, since maybe avis is not dangerous ?

What if an exe file that seem clean, call segment from an .avi file, then its not so cute anymore ?