Will not run in Windows 8

Normal install, if I left click the desktop Icon it tells me I needs to be run in Administrator mode with AS password, I click OK and nothing but if I right click the Icon and click Run As Administrator it opens the Utility but it is non functional…just sits there doing nothing.

All settings are factory (untouched) in Window’s 8 but still nothing…any ideas?

CSU is not compatible with Windows 8.

Got that right, not even in Compatibility mode.

How do you uninstall CSC from Windows 8, if not compatible?

I’ve tried several timesto remove it and all I get is:
“Setup cannot continue because Windows version is not compatible”

I have a Windows 8, 64 bit, Asus X550.

And what “sytem cleaner” do you have that is compatible?

  • jtassil

Try this unofficial uninstaller tool.