will not resolve DNS after installing Comodo firewall

well its funny I have three desk top computers with Comodo, all wireless. I can only run two at a time on my KVM switch so I alternate a linksys USB 54G adapter between the two older ones. The older two work just great with Comodo and I really like the product. The problem is, with my newer PC (cheap Asus PCI 54G card that works great) after installing Comodo and rebooting, I am unable to resolve DNS with the Firewall off or on. I can ping by IP and I can ping the DNS servers but it refuses to resolve. If I uninstall it and reboot the internet will work fine. Please help because I would love to get this working on my new PC.


make ipconfig /all on new pc and tell if dhcp is enabled and report.

might disable “block outgoing connections while booting” in advanced.


The first question that comes to mind, is what do the CFP logs show? Click Activity → Logs.

ok well still having the same issue ; on IPconfig /all DHCP is enabled, there is absolutely nothing in activity logs and block all outgoing connections while booting is turned off. The funny thing is, it did work Once on one boot but most of the time after booting and turning it on it says that Comodo Firewall is unable to update or something to that extent and when set to custom the security level is bad and I am not able to turn on any of the features. I am going to try to load the drivers on for my external Linksys USB adapter and see how that goes on the new PC. The Asus Card I have is probably the cheapest 54G wireless card you can get and is undoubtedly not without its problems but so far I have been able to get it to work without any major problems. Another thing I should have mentioned before is that all three computers are running windows XP. The one thats not working is about 2 months old and custom built, for the two old ones, one is an older (2003 vintage) Compaq Persario, and the other one is a Aopen clone.

Edit: I also forgot to add that even though I can ping out I am unable to browse by IP.

Is it by any chance a 64-bit version of XP?


no its 32 bit Home Edition. I will let you guys know what happens when I put the USB adapter on it later and see how that goes.

This new computer, is it brand new; a completely clean install? Was there any other firewall on it prior to CFP?

Reason is, the “monitors off” thing usually only has a couple of possibilities:

  1. 64-bit OS (which you don’t have)
  2. Remains of previous FW causing conflicts (or possibly even still installed)

Other possibility is if you have Kaspersky AV. That’d do it, too (just remembered; it’s been a while since we’ve had reports of that).



what i thought if read days ago, is your network made proper.

have usb conn 192.168.100.x each and comodo trusted network

then have master usb pc to switch 192.168.1.x

and have new pc to switch also 192.168.1.x

might also each trusted network to modem or switch, if switch have dhcp and own ip…

if infront your switch is a modem with router function,change to 192.168.1.x dhcp does that work:

ifnot make dhco modem to switch x.x.0.x

make a entry on both comodo to switch allow dhcp netmask ?

however, if moden does dhcp, switch routes dhcp, and your 1 pc again dhcps via usb to 3d pc,

it might cant work.

my idea, give all a unique ip, the switch pcs x.x.1.x and the usb pc x.x.100.x

what you describe might need a real dns/ dhcp server.

it can work without comodo somehow, but if think logical a simple dhcp service cant call subnets,
so might no real comodo problem.

hope you get my idea.


well the new PC has a new copy of XP Home that I put on myself a few months ago, there hasn’t been any other old firewall inplace (windows firewall is off) and its had AVG free antivirus on it since new. I haven’t gotten a chance to try the USB adapter yet. I will let you guys know when I am trying it again, probably on the weekend.