Will not let me enter the boot password

I’ve been fighting with this for the past week or so. I encrypted my external hard drive (Which has a lot of irreplaceable documents on it). I de-clicked the USB option and set up a boot password. On the start up it will prompt me for the password, but the only button that works is “enter” (it will not allow me to enter me password).
I did the FIXMBR and FIXBOOT, I’ve re-downloaded and re-installed CDE. and have run out of ideas.

I need on my external asap.

Update- I tried add encryption partition, and it does come up, as stated before I used a password. it asks for the password, the hash and the algorithm used

for testing purposes I used the password- 1585, hash- sma256, ecryption- serpent (these were the easiest to remember).
I enter all the info then it comes up with the error: cannot add the encrypted partition.

UPDATE: ok so after trying all I can, I decided to upgrade to the beta version to see if it would work… WELL, it didn’t, now it will not come up with the boot password during the start up. and it does not see that the external is encrypted…

I REALLY NEED INTO MY EXT. HDD… Does anyone know how I can get into my external? Even to just pull my stuff off of it?