Will never use it again - Kills PC

Okay, so ive been a long time user, and have had a Comodo Firewall button on my website, and recommended it to friends.

After having an earlier version installed, i went against my normal “if it aint broke, dont update it” philosophy today and installed…oh god what a mistake.

And ill tell you why.

  1. I started with a fresh XP install, updated to latest hotfixes.
  2. I installed Comodo Firewall
  3. I rebooted
  4. Hmmm, no i have no wireless connection…oh joy…
  5. I hit the uninstall link
  6. Shortly after uninstall completes, my wireless returns…
  7. I reboot, as you do, and as suggested
  8. I get an error saying windows cannot load my profile…now windows is dead

Thanks Comodo

I then reinstalled windows, this time with SP2 and got the same result…

And ill tell you why im never using it or recommending it on my website or to friends ever again…

The error exists simply because some idiot at Comodo decided to do what every other firewall/av company does eventually (they will never learn) and whack in other functions to create an all-in-one bloated monster that now longer performs the core function you downloaded it for. My god the sheer amount of screens and options and information in there. Give me v2 any day. What an absolute clusterfuck of a decision, and incidentally a product.

I never got to even test the Firewall, you killed my wireles connection…technically you did stop traffic…sheesh

Congratulations Comodo, you become identical to the same companies we all hated and worshipped you for being an alternative to…

Youve lost the plot…good bye

Welcome to the forums, (:HUG)

I don’t know if your just flaming, or if you want some help, so i’ll answer both.

Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam.
Add the wireless to the network security policy.
pufff magic, You’ve got your connection back :stuck_out_tongue:

Comodo isn’t bloated… it’s one of the lightest firewalls out there.

Don’t think stylemessiah was flaming or asking for help either. After all, this is the feedback/comments forum not the V3 help forum. Comodo 2.4V user here, in fact since V2.3.

Hi stylemessiah

I’m really sorry you have had a bad experience with CFP.

We are expecting a new version out within the next couple of weeks and hope you try it out. We have had some users with problems and we at the forums try our best to help them out and answer their questions. Some computer setups have more problems than others usually due to the other security apps that they have running but we can help you work through that as well.

I can understand your frustration, but CFP is really the best free firewall that you will find anywhere and it will work with your system. Please go to the help section and post your help requests there. You will not be ignored or put down but will be given the best help possible.


No, you misunderstand. It removed my wireless connection…like, gone, like existed before the install, but not after… :slight_smile:

I did know how to add an interface to the firewall, but it no longer existed in this case :slight_smile:

And by bloated i didnt mean application size or CPU use, i meant interface and execution of options etc, its over the top…

No need to personally apologise mate,

I dont think ill use any further versions, part of the reason, apart from the removal of my wireless connection and when uninstalling the deletion of my user profile (therefore rendering my PC useless and forcing a total reinstall of windows), is that its now so bloated with so many screens and buttons that its just ridiculous.

Im not exactly a newbie with over 20 years in IT, so its not down to any interaction with other security software, this was done on a clean XP SP3 install (and later tested on SP2 as well, after i had to reinstall windows).

Like ive said countless times already, you tried to make one of those all-in-one applications, instead of sticking with just the firewall core (which is all i, and i guarantee more than 80% of your v2 users, want). This has failed, and ive read countless bug reports. You can either use the ostrich approach and stick your head in the sand, or listen to what i, and no doubt others, are saying and take all that extra ■■■■ out and return the firewall core. Failure to do so will continue alienate long time fans like me…this is my second post…ever…i actually HAD to register to post this stuff, and ive been using it since the first release…

Call me when you have a version that looks like and acts like, and contains nothing more than v2…then we’ll talk.

In the meantime ill put Outpost or something similar on my PC

None of this is meant as a flame, this is the feedback thread, im trying to help, because i WANT to use it…


CFP version 2 is still a good solid firewall and is being maintained generally for Win 2000 owners. If you have used it in the past you may just want to stick with it. I personally use it on one of my systems.


:o Really!! When was it last updated?

I use v2 and have waited for v3 to settle down, which it appears to have, but after reading this thread I think I will wait a bit longer.

Of course if I do decide to try it I will back up my system so if I run into problems I won’t have to reinstall everything. Reinstalling takes me days, restoring takes less than an hr.