Will Comodo v3 conflict with KAV?

I just installed Kaspersky AntiVirus 7 and it made me uninstall Comodo before installing KAV. After looking on numerous forums it seems it should be OK if I install KAV first, then Comodo, which is what I have done.

I am a bit anxious incase they both conflict, so I have added Comodo processes to the KAV trusted programs list. I was just wondering if I should add KAV to the Comodo trusted list or not - if I do this, will Comodo not protect KAV from malware anymore?
I know it is not unusual for malware to attack the antivirus first, so I would ideally like Comodo to protect KAV, but without causing any conflicts.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance.

Anyone? (:SAD)