Will Comod Internet Security help in detecting Malware and Ransomware?

I am not a tech expert, so I hope you’ll understand and pardon if I ask something not very clever.
I have some very important client related files on my Windows 8 PC. I have been using windows defender and firewall so far and didn’t care a lot more about it. Last day a friend said his system got infected by Malware and lost a lot of data. I got worried and was looking for help on how to save myself from the same fate. I read articles like this: Protect Yourself From Spyware, Malware And Ransomware?. I am trying to do whatever I find online to save myself from malware or virus attacks. I am extremely careful while opening emails, never visit any suspicious emails and won’t even plug in USB drives that I am not sure about.
I want to install a good antivirus software and several people on the internet have very good opinion on Comodo Internet Security. Will it do what I have in mind, protect my system from malware troubles? I hope someone could advise me on this.