will bullets fall down and hurt some people? [resolved]

I have one question that I never figured out:

In some movies and in real life, soldiers fire their guns toward the sky and of course bullets were shot in the sky…

But where did those bullets go? They can’t escape the gravity and fly into space right?

That means they will eventually fall down on the earth and if someone happens to be around, will they cause injuries?

This is really a mystery for me.

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You should submit a support ticket to Comodo about this… :wink:

Of course they come down again…
Not the same speed though…
If you shoot straight up, it will eventually stop and start to go down.
How fast depends on the gravity and the weight of the object.
Since a bullet doesn’t weight so much, if will not hurt you too much… I think… ;D

I agree with AOwL, once the bullet’s initial energy is spent it will start to fall & slow down. Below a certain speed and it will start to tumble (the bullet’s aerodynamic shape only really works at super sonic speeds) which will slow it down even more. Since a bullet doesn’t weight much, I do not think it would cause any injury.

thanks for the reply but I think both of you guys are wrong.

The speed of the falling bullets of will be accelerated by the gravity and it can cause damage. If you drop a coin from the state empire building and it will gather tremendous mementum strong enough to skill a pedestrian below.

Sorry, it is still a mystery…

You’re wrong about a dime off the Empire State building. I recently watch a TV program where they tried that to see if would work. Not 1 of the 10 dimes they tried got any where near the sidewalk. The wind blew them all away. They then took the experiment into the laboratory. Answer, no. Wind resistance on a dime reduces its terminal velocity by a significant factor & resulted in a dime not being able to cause any injuries.

Did they try that with mindless people walking around as test subjects? ;D

Ok, wind is the factor but what about the gravity? It still has gravity right?

In many movies you see soldiers shoot in the sky with plenty of ammo and I am sure at least some of the bullets will fall back to the area of firing.

And bullets are much heavier than dimes.

This question has been vetting me for many years.

Hehehe ;D

Well at an enviroment with no air resistance the bullets would return with the same speed that they were fired. :wink:
But fortunatly because air exist on earth, and because of its resistance they will lose most of their speed at the first 200m. After that they will return spinning randomly and will return to the ground at a speed that has nothing to do with the initial speed that they were lanched. Sure if they got you they will cause a great pain. But they will not kill you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not quite the same speed:

So there you have it. Not lethal but could hurt. Even on a day without wind due to air resistance.

finally I got an answer. no wonder never heard that someone is hurt by a falling bullets. It can cause serious injuries but not fatal. besides it is carried far beyond the shooting spot.

thank you! :BNC

Maybe I should… ;D
But I will keep it open if someone has a personal experience of this… 88)

Yes… ;D

So, next question, will the jet take off?

Resolved? LOL, I thought my posts were strange, dang, every time I think mine are weird…

The bigger question is if the jet drops a frozen chunk of poopy will it kill someone. Yes, people have died from this, no joke. Talk about having a ■■■■■■ day! Anyone watch Joe Dirt? Yeah, just like that but it’ll flatten someone. Usually they release it over the ocean, “how nice of them” but sometimes the door releases over civil life allowing this craptonite to fall upon us. It has actually fallen through houses, cars, etc… some common names for these are “crapcicles” “poopbombs” “craptonite” “peanut boulders” and many more. Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a giant frozen chunk of doo doo! Would it be poetic justice if it landed on a pigeon? :o Just wondering!


I love that movie Joe Dirt.

But are you serious that commercial airplanes discharge frozen pooph bombs in the sky? I thought those jets have a big container for garbage which is emptied at the airport.

LOL. No, i’m serious. I don’t know what they do now but this was and has been an issue. I think now they wait until they land and clean the holding tank but if you ever get a blue ice chunk well, blue among other colors, don’t eat fries from it! lol.