Wilders Security Forums [locked]

Has anyone else got banned for no reason (and no warning) from Wilders Security Forums?

They seem to keep people like jmonge who promote DefenseWall and other paid security software, and they seem to be against people who promote freeware.

I’m really surprised that demoneye hasn’t been banned. I think it’s because his command of the english language isn’t that great, thus not many will take him seriously. demoneye has exactly the same mentality as me, and often promotes freeware like Comodo, and looks down at paid software like DefenseWall.

Wilders is starting to become a very cold and manipulative community to me. More than that really, I think the moderators and administrators there have become very rude. I still don’t know why I was banned, nor was I given any warning.

Peter2150 (Global Moderator at Wilders) is perhaps the most rude, and I’ve lost the respect that I had for him - he’s ignored me at the Online Armor forums (he’s an administrator there), when I asked him why I was banned.

The main thing I did at Wilders was to share my opinions. I tended to promote free software that I found worked well for me, and I was a keen promoter of Sandboxie, and often helped many out. I was also a strong supporter of Comodo Firewall, and still am.

Anyway, feel free to share your experiences at Wilders Security Forums.

Cheers guys.

Well I got banned…Sort of… My log in turns up this:

“Posting from this account is currently disabled while additional action (up to and including banning from the site) is considered due to inappropriate posting on Nov 1.”

I could give a rats hind-quarters.

Ps# I do know that being other than fawning over DefenceWall is like pulling the mask off the Lone Ranger,or defecating on Super Mans cape.

They just love that “Frozen” malware at Wilders!!

What sort of inappropriate posting did you deliver?

At least you got a warning. I didn’t even get a warning. I got banned for “no reason”. And I wasn’t even doing any inappropriate posting, objectively speaking.

Furthermore, I got “permanently banned” straight away. There wasn’t any grace period whatsoever.

I thank I told that “Frizen” or what ever,dude,to get stuffed.
I really dont remember.
You Know your Sandboxie tutorial is gone/not gone?
They deleted your posts,but kept latter posts that quoted you in entire.

ehm…guys. i think i’m gonna lock this topic 88)
sorry for the inconvenience.