Wildcard in exceptions, possible?


Is it possible to use wildcards in the exception for PrivDog? I’ve tried “.twitch.tv" and "[.]twitch.tv” but neither worked so I have to add www.twitch.tv, beta.twitch.tv, sv.twitch.tv and all other that relate to their site.

If it’s possible, then how? If not, I’ll have to make a wish.

Night Kitty.

Hm, maybe i don’t understand something, but when i opened e.g. beta.twitch.tv - it just show me fine video playing.

So am i doing something wrong? Cause i want to reproduce proble, if it possible.

I think PrivDog blocks the video advertisements but that isn’t the point, the point is that I can not add beta.twitch.tv, sv.twitch.tv, www.twitch.tv, en-gb.twitch.tv by simply adding *.twitch.tv to exception rules, I need to add each and every one of them.

I’ve added a ticket.

We’ll add this as an enhancement to future versions.