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I am a long standing Comodo reseller and am well versed at creating a single certificate for our sites and our clients. However, I am needing to venture into the wildcard certificates now, and I am simply not sure how to do this. Are the CSRs generated differently? And what about multiple servers? I will be needing to secure as many as 5 servers with a single domain name, and shortly thereafter, another 15 servers with a different single domain name. Can anyone give me a brief breakdown of how to do this? Are there some support pages that would give what I am needing? I have honestly searched through the knowledgebase, the support site and this forum looking for someone else that may have asked before me, but alas, it appears I am the first to admit it.

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From a certificate point of view wildcards work pretty much the same as normal certificates the only real difference is the ability to work on multiple sub domains.

The only thing you need to do differently is when you generate the CSR for the certificate you need to use a Common name of *.domain.com

Some older outdated web servers and control panels do allow for this but most modern up to date servers will allow for this.

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I am also a beginner to Wildcard Certs and certs in general.

We purchased a wildcard cert from you and we have it installed (on Windows 2008 R2, running IIS 7.5) and it is working fine on two of our web sites (we have about a total of 20 on this web server so far).

We are using a SSL host header also and host headers for our web sites (http bindings), so that we share one IP.

I added a https binding to a new web site we setup and I tried configuring the SSL so that it is required only on a sub-folder (we are doing this on one of our other web sites and it works fine). I spent hours trying to get this to work, and no go. When I navigate to the sub-folder on the new web site using a browser, I don’t get a login prompt, just access denied error message.

So, I thought I would turned off required SSL on this sub-folder (this worked fine) and remove the SSL binding (but this didn’t), and start from scratch.

When I tried to remove the https binding from the new web site: I received the following message:

The certificate associated with this binding is also assigned to another site’s binding. Deleting this binding will cause the HTTPS binding of the other site to be unusable. Do you still want to continue?

I said “No” for now.

My question is this: is there a Master binding with wildcard SSL? If yes, where can I learn more about this and how it works?