Wikia issue


I’m using Comodo IceDragon for working on wiki sites (since I use portable FF for regular surfing). After recent major update on Wikia/FANDOM I’ve got an issue where I can’t save my edits - page is getting stuck at “Publishing your edit” screen. I’m working in “Classic editor” mode, meanwhile “Visual editor” doesn’t open in IceDragon since Quantum update (though I don’t use this mode).
Wikia support informed me that they won’t look up/resolve this case since this browser is not popular among wiki users.

I wouldn’t like to change browsers all over again (I used portable PaleMoon for surfing but they changed engine and most of add-ons become incompatible). Is there a way to resolve this issue?

System - Windows 7 64bit; IceDragon is not portable; antivirus - Microsoft Security Essentials.


Seems like problem was in profile files: I reinstalled full Firefox, copied profile files from IceDragon and got same error. Then I created new blank profiles in both FF and CID and editors worked fine.