Wiki Categories

There haven’t been any categories defined in the wiki. So, after some nosing around in the Wikipedia help, and some experimenting, I have figured out how to create wiki categories.

I’ve defined two, so far: Info and HowTo, with a page attached to each of them.

Putting a wiki page into a category is easy enough. Just put [[Category:Foo]] as a line somewhere in the page, and that gets used as a tag. If you preview your edit, you’ll see the proposed category list at the bottom of the page.

If that proposed category is in red, then it’s a new category. Click the red link, and you’re editing (and thereby creating) the category description page.

Then you can save your new page, and it’ll be associated with the Category:Foo, or whatever.

Check your work by going to the toolbox Special Pages for Categories, and seeing what the results are. I had to move some pages (renaming, in effect) to keep my user tag off the wiki link.

I’m suspecting we’ll wind up creating a number of categories: book, FAQ, CAVS, CMF, etc and so forth for each of the products. The categories will make it much asier to cross reference, and reuse material.

I’ve added a one-liner note on the bottom of the Main page, to go to the wiki categories list.