Wierd behaviour while AV update

I read other posts where some mentioned that the AV update seemed to freeze at 30%. but mine is a different case in a way that:
At 30% it stays for almost half an hour(Then I quit the update…)!!
Internet connection in a 512Kbps line.

The next wierd thing is, there, in that 30 mins or so, It had downloaded “More than 100MB of data”…!!!
Is that usual?
I found it pretty wierd, I dont think the DB updates are that big, are they???

Any one having any clue about the same???

(Also, M unaware where to check the current db version!!)

Thanks in advance…

Welcome to the forum Nikwan3 :slight_smile:

The first AV updates is about 100MB+ after update a reboot is required.

Then a small AV update is needed.

Miscellaneous / About Will show your version of CIS and current db


Thanks for your reply…
Also, thanks for the suggestion., ;D

Yeah I have the same problem. I am hoping Comodo will fix this bug soon. It hangs for ages and takes over 45 minutes to download the updates. I dread to imagine what people with slower computers and connections have to put up with.

That’s the least of my problems however. After the last update I’ve been getting too many false positives, blocked networks, and even temporary files caught in the heuristic as malware while I am deleting them.

Hey Ned, Maybe disable comodo’s AV and use another? :slight_smile:

Kyle I kinda like the all in one nature of comodo. I am not a bloatware kind of guy. I like my system tray as uncluttered as possible. Compact and effective.

Let’s try to break your problems down in managable pieces.

The AV is trigger happy for false positives when set to anything higher than the default setting (low). Please make sure all parts of the AV scanner are set to low. The yesterday released v3.12 will be better behaved with regards to f/p’s. Also the processing of the initial update after a clean install is faster.

When on older hardware with <512MB RAM it is recommended to put the pagefile to the AV exclusions. That will help with system load. The pagefile can be typically found here: c:\pagefile.sys.

What do you mean with blocked networks?

At TropicNed. I split your reply and moved it here: https://forums.comodo.com/firewall_help/is_comodo_blocking_my_connection-t45495.0.html .