Widget transparency

I’ve grown to like the widget but I’d welcome the ability to modify it’s transparency so that it’s less obtrusive when just sitting there but becomes completely opaque when moused over. Possible?

Hi ubuysa,
Good idea. :-TU
Could you please add a poll?

Yes is a great idea, but would be even better if you can actually chose the width of the widget so it can fit to other windows 7 widget. Or at least have a drop down box in the preference were you can chose: small; normal; large.


I like the idea as long as the default is to have the widget as it currently is, but have options for transparency so advanced users can configure it.

I made a small program for widget transparency and to lock it in position.

Here is a piccy of it in action.

Currently have it set to stay on my second monitor next to my system widget.

If there is interest I could modify it for per user settings and post it here.

Thanks for the poll. :-TU

I’m married. I’ve learned to do what I’m asked :wink:

I know the feeling. ;D

First poll option reads “Yes please, just like KillSwitch” - then where’s the transparency options in KillSwitch?

Simple: open killswitch click view>opacity, and from there you chose the % you want :slight_smile:

Thanx. Then KillSwitch would better got 100% opacity when you hover mouse over it.

+1 :-TU