Wider usage of UserTrust

I’ve seen the UserTrust page and I personally think it’s great idea. The question is, can we make it even better?

Here’s a suggestion: Make it possible for ANY kind of site to get a UserTrust seal. The Seal should be different from site to site, the text on the seal should explain what kind of service this site provides or what cathegory it belongs to. Say… escapistmagazine.com would be about games - they would be placed in games, deviantart.com sell pictures and give some for free - they would be placed in the art and design section or invisionfree.com that provide free hosting services etc.

This would open for an independent rating for any site. This rating can’t be modified by google-bombing etc.

you are exactly right :slight_smile:

we have created a Subject Matter Expert Logo for example for a specific information site and whether the site is able to provide valuable information to classify them as a Subject Matter Expert (SME). Blog sites would be a great example for this SME Logo. Rating is applicable to all kind and we will make sure its available.

Just one more idea… let the owner of a page be able to make a description for the site on UserTrust. Make sure that make it clear that it’s the owner of the site… not a user.

sure… another good idea…



I have an UserTrust account.
Is it possible to join SME Logo already?

Thank you!

sure…The beauty is that anyone can get teh usertrust logos and put it on their sites. The key is the way the user’s will rate you. So Any decent merchant will directly benefit from Usertrust as they will get good feedback from their users!