:oHow can this be?

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But I choose default-English :-[

I reported this in beta stage a few times. Many of the buttons in CIS’ dialog boxes are not localized internally.

this is you os ok and cancel button.
■■■ os show ■■■ text button, eng os show eng text button, chn os show chn text button…

Sorry for my bad english.

The Problem Got Fixed After Installing The Final Release Of 3.9. So Check After Installing The New One

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Yes, but it shouldn’t be that way. Whole CIS GUI should be localized, also all labels on all buttons in the whole program.
You can notice that buttons in some windows are correctly localized and other are not.
Here is the list of windows which need to be corrected(it may not be a complete list):

Virus Scaner Settings
Network Security Policy
Attack Detection Settings
Firewall Behavior Settings
Image Execution Control Settings
Defense+ Settings

Edit: I did a clean install of 3.9.???.507 and then a clean install of 3.9.???.508. My native language and the one used in OS is Polish, but I prefer using CIS in English. The problem is still actual to me.

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Yes,you are right,It is the same as you and I