"Why You Don’t Need to Install a Third-Party Firewall"

They said ;D

“Why You Don’t Need to Install a Third-Party Firewall”

what do you think about this mates ? and they shows to people the CFW as third-party firewall 88)

Unfortunately, I would have to agree. Third-party firewalls are usually recommended only by those who are security-conscious which happen to be also power-users. And since the less tech-savvy people upon a single encounter with a virus rely on these power-users for help, of course they’d recommend third-party firewalls whose reliability depends on user-interaction. And since that’s the case, it pretty much fails to be of any use to them.

I myself have discarded third-party firewall. The Windows firewall may not be enough for power users, but it’s definitely more than sufficient for those whose only concern is general web browsing. We’re not into installing stuff in the pc. (I don’t like too many apps. Too cluttered for my taste.)

The Windows firewall has certainly gotten better with every new release of the OS and usually can be sufficient for most people without requiring much, if any interaction. Having said that, it is now also possible to use the CIS firewall almost completely silently. In fact it can be even more silent than the Windows one while providing stronger protection at the same time. The Windows firewall will sometimes ask to allow incoming connections by perfectly safe things where for the most part, the Comodo firewall in Safe Mode even with alerts turned on will only give prompts for new and unknown things that get restricted by the Behavior Blocker. Safe programs will be allowed to do whatever they need to do to function correctly with no user interaction required. For the novice to average user this is a big plus. The user of the Vista machine here never had any firewall but the Windows one in all her years of being online until I convinced her to let me install CIS6 and set it up for her. She is extremely happy with the results and feels safer, and in reality, she is. If the program was being too talkative and requiring too much from her she would have demanded it be removed long ago.

True enough, but it does come with some bulk.

Well the perfect firewall and the perfect internet security, simply Comodo is the best. For me windows firewall it just a basic firewall protection(like 3 stars in crash test), with CIS(is 5+) :-TU :love:

Hi yigido , all

I would look at it from some different angles:

what is a firewall ? controlling network traffic
is the Router’s firewall enough ?
what are the exploits that may get into the machine, and are built in firewalls able to defend against them ??

and one more point :
Using a firewall if the user does not know how to configure, use it could be more dangerous than not installing it …

If we are talking about Comodo Internet security, we know that it got a lot more than just an antivirus and a firewall,

so I guess it’s totally up to the end user to decide , I have seen people on this forum saying that they think it’s best to disable HIPS and the Sand boxing, I think that no one should especially knowing that they can be used in so many layers, I for example have set Hips/Sandbox on "Block ", and set different levels for different apps .

I totally agreed :-TU if you want to know and learn what happening on your net traffic… CFW is needed ;D

I would look at it from some different angles:
For me. If I'm not using Comodo, I might as well just bend over and wait for the broom stick. :o

Lovely image… :-\

Ha ha ha LOL! You def feel insecure without it… But not as bad as this ROFL ;D

Everybody seems to have forgotten what a firewall is actually designed to do.