Why wouldn't anybody officially say on what principles CTM is based?

I can’t find any technical information but the statements “CTM is some kind of analog to RollBack RX”. What does that mean - is it a foll technical analog or just a program we have the same result from, but based on another principles? Due to the shortage of information there are rumors around and illegal explanations. The RollBack creators has shared this information so is it that secret for Comodo? The FAQ page is for peaple who’s far from computers. As we are all beta testers of the product we should have known better the algorithms of the programs we test. I cna’t tell for the others but I would prefer to know in detale what kind of risk to expect. Am I correct?

Please check this post of Melih here:

Hope that give a clue on what’s going on…

Yes, thanks Ronny. Now I know the direction to go to extract a piece of information on the Comodo product. It’s funny sometimes to get people helped. :wink: