Why would I trust my router ( ? [Resolved]

Since all (untrusted) internet traffic comes in by my router (, and all my (trusted) computers are on this IP range, I cannot really trust this network, can I ?
I could trust computer and, but certainly not the router…
What am I missing here ?
What is “trust” ?

Hi erik2055

The Internet traffic that you get via the router is not seen as coming from by your system, as your router… erm… routed it, it is seen as coming from the Internet originator. However, for things like control of the router itself… then that traffic will come from & go to Some routers do DHCP and that traffic would come from The router, itself, knows it is & that you are… thats how it routes the correct Internet traffic to you. In your case, should be a trusted network… otherwise, the router will not be able to… route.

Does that help?

:BNC yep