why wont it scan?

(:WAV) i followed all instructions to download the antivirus when i run a scan it runs for about 2 mins then i get ‘ERROR’:engine intialzation failed’ (:AGY) whats going on, i unistalled my virus protecter to get this because of what people said about this product now im not protected till i sort this i looked round forums to try and find answer but all i found was seems people have trouble unistalling the launch pad?what can i do about this and how do i uninstall it properly so i can try reinstalling it thanks

(:AGY) i downloaded this virus protector after reading how ‘good’ it was now when i run a scan after about 2 mins i get 'ERROR: engine initalization failed’i tried unistalling it and reinstalling it but still get this message looked round the forums to try and get help and all i find is people havin trouble uninstalling this product knew this site was too good to be true shuda stuck with what i knew


There have been problems with the scan engines on some of the users machines, non a 100% solution (to my knowledge). I would recommend you wait for CAVS Beta 2 which is currently planned for a release on October 4th.