Why TeamViewer sessions are faster?

Guess the subject says it all.

We have been testing both software in many different geographic locations and in the sames PC, and TeamViewer is always much faster and efficient in the connections and during the remote sessions.

I understand both softwares run:
. Remote Desktop
. Session Encryption

Why then, are TeamViewer remote sessions are MUCH faster than Comodo Unite?
I know as well Comodo Unite also can be configured to be faster or have better quality.
None of this settings help much against the good sessions that TeamViewer does.

Remote control isn’t the best part of Unite.
It’s faster to setup a VPN and use build in Remote Desktop from M$ to connect to the 5.x IP of the remote host.
Speed and Security :wink:

I do hope they improve remote control though in newer versions…

Thats completely right.

Thats also right! :smiley:

I wish the same too. Remote control should be improved a lot.