Why so much false positives?

Recently installed CCAV because i dont need firewall neither a full antivirus, as they are a waste of resources, and CIS dont allow you to install only Defense+ which is what I wan, CCAV is the closest to it.
I love how it works sending all by default to the sandbox.
but now the problem comes and has a name “valkyrie”, CCAV wanted to do a full scan even when I dont want, after having it done there was 400+ files to be analyzed ,1 malicious(false positive) 3 trusted. after 3 days it has 337/10/147 in the same order. but all of those 10 malicious all are false.
so I was checking the Valkyrie analysis to see what it is considering so malicious.
all is clean but this in static analisis:

Header Checksum is zero!
anyone can explain what it is and why valkyrie consider it as a threat?

here are some examples of the false positives only to name a few.
there are several more and increasing. I dont know if some are already checked by a human, but that is not the point.

Note i am not whining about the antivirus and already reported all as false positive.
This is only a questioning about how things works and why the paranoia is still not fixed.