Why Not Add this to Comodo System Cleaner

I would like to say first I really love this product. I was searching the Unsafe Entries, I was misled to think it was ok to delete this. I did do a roll back and restore before I re-booted so all is well. But why not change this ( Unsafe Entries ) to ( Unsafe To Delete ).

Thanks (:CLP)

The lastest version of the registry cleaner (included with Comodo System cleaner) has them labeled as “unsafe to delete.” So maybe you have an older version of the registry cleaner…

However, I think these entries should be titled “Entries that may be unsafe to delete”

I posted a way to impove this issue here. (this was also placed on this wish list already)

I just installed it Saturday, January 10, 2009, 11:17:54 PM, Product Version ? It there a new version out?

You have the latest stable version but Comodo released a new beta today:


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Unfortunately, the new beta still uses the rather non-intuitive “unsafe to delete” category.
If they are unsafe to delete, then why list them? Claiming that a program is safe and then giving non-experts the option of doing something unsafe goes against Comodo’s creedo: to maximize safey. The option to delete these entries should be left to experienced users; one way of doing this is by using the method suggested here.