why no option to use a web service to resolve spelling errors in dragon 20.1

is this option only available to google chrome users and not for chromium based browsers like dragon

Hi trscsaeg,
Search for any word from the address bar and then from the search bar at the top of your search results bring up the right click context menu on to enable.

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is this the same feature that you can enable in Google chrome 20 through settings in the privacy section. if so why isn’t it in the privacy section just out of curiosity? also when you click to learn more it takes you to the dragon help page but doesn’t discuss the feature.

I don’t use chrome so I am not certain but I imagine it to be the same (Screenshot example).

I also noticed the help file was not much help. 88)

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Dragon > Settings > Advanced Settings > Languages and spell-checker settings…


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Doesn’t work for me…options for spellcheck [x] ticked…still unresponsive.
Dragon is one of my favorites, it would really be nice if this feature worked.


Hi smitty2868,
Some languages are not supported by the spell checker. (Screenshot)

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