why is there so many processes open?

is this really necessary? i was looking for a lightweight browser, only just downloaded it, so im not running any extensions. i only have one tab open. it still has 9 processes open in task manager.

Hi, d3aths! Thank you for the feedback.

Comodo Dragon is based on Chromium, which opens a process for each of the important threads( UI, file handling, plugins, default extensions, etc) so this behaviour is normal for any Chromium based browser.

Thank you very much,

The Comodo Browsers team[/i]

Like you I am using browers that use the least amount of resources.
Comodo has been the best at that for me and I have used Opera (I liked but had about a thousand processes running), Firefox (terrible at eating memory and CPU)
IE, I even tried Safari, Pegesus… There are more I have not tried, Slim Browser, Maxthon, Slimjet Browser, etc…
Heck, Netscape Browser is still out there. All you can really do is try other Browsers until you find one that is not like running a Mac truck from your PC
I use Comodo without any of the trimmings, extensions, built in antivirus type stuff etc…
Hope this helps a little

Open Dragon’s Task Manager to see what each process is for.

See also Multi-process Architecture (Chromium Blog).