Why is there no responce from the dev team on serious issues with CPF 3?

Have it all sayed in this topic https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v3/after_installing_firewall_v_3013268_all_smtp_traffic_is_blocked-t15350.0.html;msg107547#msg107547

I would apriciate any help from the dev crew please. (:SAD)


There has been a response, Melih has posted work-around fixes for those who are having some issues, these fixes will be included in an upcoming update.

Hi Zocor.
sorry you couldn’t find the fixes.
we have posted them either yesterday or the day before (pretty much straight after the bug was reported). Justin has pointed to the right post and i hope this helps and thank you very much for your patience and understanding and thank you for being part of the Comodo family.