why is there never an update for boclean?

why is there never an update for boclean?

it seems if it is anti malware there would be continual updates

There are daily updates

If you right click the tray icon for Boclean, the program window will appear. At the top of the window, it will list the date & time of the last Boclean update that was automatically downloaded to your computer.

You can manually download updates by clicking the “Check for update” button in the window.
To make sure you get the automatic updates, Click “Configure boclean” and make sure that “check for update…” is selected.

By default boclean is set to automatically check for updates a few minutes after boot up, and then every 24 hours thereafter. When Boclean is automatically updated, the only notification you get is the tray icon changes to an earth with an arrow during the update process, then to an earth with a check mark when the update has been successfully installed…then the icon changes back the the usual one.

Hi v941726 :slight_smile:

Whoop-dee-doo already explained a lot, but I am curious what the last automatic update was you got ??? What you also can try is the updater from the start menu. If that goes well, BOClean will probbably pick up the automatic updates as well. Let us know :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.